For a recruiter or an employer, just simply hiring new staff like good carpet cleaner is never the end of the story. It is a vital task of the former to ensure that the staff that gets recruited is up to the mark and has the potential to take their organization to greater heights. With growing emphasis on Work Health and Safety (WHS) standards, it is highly essential for an employer to ensure that every fresh recruit has the necessary competency relevant to their industry.

Every new recruit that comes onboard will always have their certifications but it is essential for an employer to ensure that such new hires are up to date with all skillsets required to perform the basics of their job. It is very common for an employee to have gained their respective certification a long time back without having such abilities rigorously tested or properly assessed. The modern employer does not need to take a chance on a new recruit simply on the basis of a certification that they may hold.

Verification of Competency (VOC) training course is a systematic process designed to assist all recruiters or employers meet Work Health and Safety standards and ensure that newly recruited hires are diligent in performing every task or duty required by an organization. Such assessment and analysis for Verification of Competency facilitates organizations around the globe to ensure that their newly recruited hires are competent in performing and completing various tasks that are required by the organization. Such VOC assessment also ensures that such fresh recruits are able to operate heavy equipment and machinery in a safe and secure way. This not just reduces the chances of an onsite accident but such assessment also allows an organization to make substantial savings through having a reliable workforce that ensures the safety of organization-owned equipment and machinery. The cost incurred through an injured workforce or one that is not competent enough to safely operate an organization’s assets is very high!

Verification of Competency might be a new practice and is even unheard of in many industries, but it is rapidly spreading in popularity, as such training courses allow numerous organizations to utilize such a practice to make more effective decisions during pre-employment assessments, site arrangements and even for contractual arrangements for their existing workforce. Through VOC, an organization attains a valuable chance of highlighting unwanted habits of their workforce and ensuring that the necessary steps are undertaken in order to extinguish such behavior. Organizations no longer need to go to extreme lengths to improve the efficiency of their workforce, as VOC greatly terminates the need to sacrifice an unwanted workforce that undoubtedly disrupts an organization’s work schedule and targets. Our VOC assessment are carried out on the work place, are targeted through both visual surveillance and verbal  communication, one on one with the specific targeted labor, without having to disrupt the flow of their work.

Our qualified assessors are instilled with relevant industry knowledge and hold the necessary experience of enabling your workforce to spring towards greater heights.  

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